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Products & Services
   Global Medical Solutions offers a wide range of products and services for our customers. From the latest imaging agents and radiopharmaceutical containers to specialty manufacturing, GMS provides everything needed for safe, efficient service to patients.

     GMS compounds and dispenses the latest imaging and therapy agents from manufacturer's world wide for use in Radiopharmacies, Oncology, PET Imaging and Medical Imaging Centers. We also provide Specialty Manufacturing Services.

     Our fourteen (14) owned and operated radiopharmacies compound, dispense, and distribute patient-specific doses to hospitals, clinics, and medical imaging centers. These individualized prescription doses are used in imaging procedures to detect, diagnose and treat oncology, cardiology, neurology and other medical abnormalities.

     GMS manufactures as well as distributes for other companies various radionuclides and finished products for therapeutic and theranostic applications including I-125, I-131, Lu-177, and Y-90. We own and operate brachytherapy operations in multiple countries. Prostate cancer is a leading cause of cancer death in men. Prostate brachytherapy is the fastest growing treatment modality for early stage (localized) prostate cancer and offers a number of advantages compared to alternative treatments including: outpatient procedure, rapid patient recovery, lower costs, and reduced side effects such as impotency and incontinence. For the Radiation Oncologist, brachytherapy delivers a higher dose to the prostate than external beam techniques; and for the Urologist, brachytherapy offers an excellent alternative to surgery in those patients unwilling or unsuitable for surgery.

PET Imaging
     We own, operate, and manage PET cyclotrons which produce the FDG needed for PET scanning. Our PET service programs are designed to increase patient access to this important imaging modality. Positron Emission Tomography (PET) enhances patient treatment through improved disease diagnosis, staging, and monitoring. Our PET service operations are led by an international, multi-faceted team of dedicated, experienced professionals.

Medical Imaging
     GMS owns and operates SPECT cameras. We are a leading provider of medical imaging services. We offer high quality, outpatient diagnostic imaging, with a variety of modalities, through a network of owned, managed and affiliated centers. Our focus is on building successful, long-term relationships with the medical community. We are committed to generating the best value by providing the highest quality imaging services at a competitive price. With a strong commitment to our patients, our centers specialize in patient care and unparalleled customer service.

Speciality Manufacturing
Radpharm Scientific Pty.Ltd.
Belconnen, ACT
Phone: 61 2 6251 6533
     GMS manufactures products for nuclear medicine departments and offers specialized contract manufacturing for pharmaceutical companies. Please contact our Radpharm Scientific unit for more information.

Sources and Equipment
     We provide your department with high-quality, safe reference sources at a very competitive price. Please check with your local GMS center for specific availability of the following companies products within your region.

Lantheus Biodex Capintec
Cambridge Isotope Laboratories Curium Mediradiopharma
Comecer Codonics SCINTOMICS
Mediso DraxImage Cone Instruments
Isoaid Trasis NTP RadioIsotopes
Polatom EC2 Software SIRTeX
Samyoung Unitech Hologic Radiation Detection Company
IDB Holland IRE Grupo RPH
Pharmalucence Sun Pharma ABX - Advanced Biochemical Compounds Huayi Isotopes
LSI Eckert & Ziegler BEBig
RadQual ABT Molecular Rotop

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