June 15, 2020
Nihon Medi-Physics Co., Ltd.
Global Medical Solutions, Ltd.

Nihon Medi-Physics and Global Medical Solutions Announce
Strategic Partnership in Nuclear Medicine Markets in Asia and Oceania

Tokyo, Japan and Sherman Oaks, CA, USA– June 15, 2020. Nihon Medi-Physics Co., Ltd (NMP),
a leading radiopharmaceutical company in Japan and Global Medical Solutions, Ltd., (GMS), a
leading-edge manufacturer and distributor of radiopharmaceuticals, diagnostic imaging products,
equipment, devices, and services, announced today that they have signed an agreement for a
strategic partnership in nuclear medicine markets in Asia and Oceania.

NMP has positioned “business expansion in Asia” as one of the key growth strategies in the
medium-term management plan, which the Company has been advancing since 2018. GMS has
been seeking new and expanding business opportunities in the Asia and Oceania markets. Both
parties expect that the establishment of a long-standing, strong cooperative relationship would
contribute to achieving their respective management strategies as well as to further the
development of the nuclear medicine field in Asia and Oceania.

Prior to this agreement, NMP signed an exclusive agreement with Global Medical Solutions
Taiwan, Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of GMS, in November 2018, to jointly develop and
commercialize a new PET imaging agent, FACBC, in Taiwan. In order to expand the collaboration
scope further, NMP and GMS have concluded a strategic partnership agreement in Asia and
Oceania. The two companies will work closely together to evaluate the opportunities in exporting
or licensing each other’s products in light of demand and situations of affecting factors in each
candidate market.

Mr. Nobuhiko Tamura, President of Nihon Medi-Physics Co., Ltd., stated, “It is a privilege for us
to be a strategic partner of GMS, who operates globally particularly in Asian markets with excellent
performances as a radiopharmaceutical company. It will provide us with significant opportunities
to contribute further to healthcare in Asia and surrounding areas thorough building a close
collaborative relationship between the two organizations with a long-term perspective.”

Mr. Haig S. Bagerdjian, Chairman & CEO of Global Medical Solutions, Ltd., stated, “We are
pleased to form a strategic partnership with NMP to explore how our companies can bring greater
synergy to each other’s expansion and growth strategies and, more importantly, to bring a reliable,
high-quality product offering to our customers and their patients, who we proudly serve.”

About Nihon Medi-Physics Co., Ltd.
Nihon Medi-Physics Co., Ltd. (NMP) is a leading company for radiopharmaceuticals in Japan,
engaged in R&D, manufacturing, and distribution. NMP’s stable and reliable supply of quality
products has contributed to society over the years. With continuous challenges to new business
opportunities in the “Development of Theranostics”, “Application of digital technology in
healthcare” and “Expansion of radiopharmaceutical business in Asia”, NMP anticipates to further
contribute to the health and well-being of societies into the future.
Please visit our website for more information. https://www.nmp.co.jp

About Global Medical Solutions, Ltd.
Global Medical Solutions, Ltd. (GMS) is a leading-edge manufacturer and distributor of
radiopharmaceuticals and diagnostic imaging agents and related equipment, accessories, and
services. GMS has businesses in Armenia, Australia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Myanmar,
New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam and distributes products to over
25 countries. GMS’s diversified and vertically integrated businesses include SPECT
radiopharmacies, PET Cyclotron pharmacies, I-131 manufacturing centers, cold kit manufacturing
plant, medical device manufacturing plants, nuclear medicine imaging centers, and engineering
Please visit our website for more information. https://www.globalmedicalsolutions.com

FACBC is a synthetic amino acid analogue radiolabeled by F-18 and targeting the amino acid
transporters specifically overexpressed in tumor cells compared to normal cells. Emory University
and many other research organizations worldwide conducted numerous clinical researches and
reported that, in comparison to a commonly used PET tracer clinically in use for tumor imaging,
FACBC has comparable tumor uptake, with lower background signals in the brain and pelvic area,
and lower uptake to the inflammatory tissues. FACBC has been granted marketing authorizations
by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States and the European Medicines
Agency (EMA) in EU for positron emission tomography (PET) imaging in men with suspected
prostate cancer recurrence by an increase of prostate specific antigen (PSA) indicated by blood
test after the initial treatment.

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