HR Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (HR) and Global Medical Solutions, Ltd. (GMS) have entered into a distribution agreement to distribute HR’s EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel in GMS’s Asia-Pacific territories. GMS will register, distribute and market EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel in Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel is a unique and high-quality gel featuring a 99% natural formulation free of dyes, parabens and propylene glycol, making it gentler on patients and equipment. Available in two viscosity options – original EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel and EcoVue®HV (high viscosity) Ultrasound Gel – both featuring the EcoVue® 99% natural formulation.

EcoVue® gel is available in sterile and non-sterile options with a variety of packaging choices from single-use packets, bottles, and the eco-friendly FlexPac®. EcoVue® Ultrasound Gels meets and exceeds today’s increasingly stringent infection control guidelines and delivers solutions to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

The innovative, flexible EcoVue® FlexPac® packaging is designed to reduce environmental impact through reductions in carbon emissions during production and shipping. It is lightweight and requires less energy to manufacture and transport. Much less CO2 is emitted during its manufacture, and the need for pallets in shipping and warehousing is reduced by 94%. The FlexPac® features a proprietary flexible spouted pouch that is ergonomically designed for ease of use and functionality. It allows for an unmatched 99.5% product evacuation rate (versus the standard 85.5% evacuation with most bottles*), dramatically reducing waste and driving bottom line gains. *Analysis derived from a 2015 GHX Data report

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